The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins Essay

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“Survival of the fittest,” a quote made popular over the ages by pop culture and mainstream media. Many believed that Charles Darwin, a popular naturalist and geologist at the time, coined this quote due to the vast amounts of points and discoveries that he contributed to the theory of evolution, which was controversial during that time. Although this line has lost its true, intended meaning over the years, it’s still a vital component if a creature is to survive and thrive in nature. In the story “The Hunger Games,” the author, Suzanne Collins, narrates about a coming-of-age, post-apocalyptic story that targets human relationships and emotions between each other and the challenges that they have to face along the way.The way how each characters goes into great lengths in the story just to survive signifies the fighting spirit and the will to survive that all human beings have.. From Katniss and her family withstanding her father`s death, to the citizens of the district barely sustaining their empty stomachs, up until Katniss and the other tributes’ quest to survive the games.

After Katniss’s father died on mining accident, she went on to great lengths just to make sure her family , Prim and her mother, does not suffer the fate of dying. At first, Katniss was unsuccessful and almost ended up dying if it was not for Peeta stepping in and giving her the bread that he intentionally burned to help her. This shows that along the way, people would help others who is in need.…

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