Essay on The Hunger Games By Gary Ross

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Authors and filmmakers have many different ways to present their story to their audience members. By utilizing these methods, they bring the reader into their own world. Dystopian futures are futures where people are being oppressed and face horrid living conditions in society. An example of a dystopian genre novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley where technology and methods adopted from Henry Ford’s teachings has brought up a society where the lives of people are controlled. While a film example of a dystopian future is the first Hunger Games movie, The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross, where people were divided up into districts and forced to play a dangerous, survival game. Through their various stylistic approaches in presenting the opening scenes of the dystopian works to the audience, the artists manage to relate to the readers and bring about a foreboding effect through their cold atmospheres.
By utilizing a descriptive style in the opening scenes, both works manage to convey an introduction and provide focus for the reader. There are many different details in the book as it describes the setting by outlining “the enormous room on the ground floor...and shining porcelain of the laboratory...the overalls of the workers were white” (Huxley 3). The reader managed to understand one of the settings in the book where everything is taking place. This causes the reader to focus on the setting and the people who are touring the laboratory. Similarly, the film starts off by…

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