The Hunger Games and Child Soldiers: the Sad Truth Essay

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Hunger Games and Child Soldiers: The Sad Truth
The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins,(Collins) and Child Soldiers are intertwined together because they are both children fighting for their lives. The children are alike because they got executed into being prisoners, that fight to their deaths and kill savagely. The children live similarly because they both have organizations or sponsors helping them get out of their situation. Lastly, the children experience the same emotions because The Hunger Games(Collins) is kind of like a realistic version of child soldiers. The Hunger Games (Collins) and child soldiers think alike because children from both scenarios are fighting for their lives through brutality, hunger, and savageness.

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(The Hunger Games, Collins) Organizations trying to help children get out of being child soldiers are like the sponsors facilitating tributes. Both sponsors and tributes traverse over trying to scoop up money to buy equipment to donate. Some famous organizations, aimed at helping child soldiers get out of being a soldier, are The Invisible Children Inc., and War child.(War Child and Invisible People) Child soldiers, with the help of organizations, can get out of warfare and have education, plus return home safely.(War Child, Invisible Children Inc.) In The Hunger Games it costs a lot to send to send the tributes gifts from their sponsors. (Collins)The reason this has to do with child soldiers is because the organizations that help children don't have much funds. Ann O Neil, from CNN, thinks the organizations do not have much funds to help child soldiers so they are not as effective as the organizations could be. (Ann O'Neill,Cnn, Kids turned into Terrifying

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