The Hunger Free Kids Act Essay

1125 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
If one thing is for certain about the people of the United States of America, it is that Americans love their food. It does not take much effort to realize this fact, for in the country just about every type of restaurant imaginable beckons hungry eaters to their doors through the use of elaborate, blinking signs, mass-advertising, and specials that include low-cost meals. Unfortunately, a good majority of the food consumed in America is highly processed, contains unhealthy amounts of sodium, or is just plain terrible for human health. Because of this, the number of Americans, especially children in grade school, suffering obesity is immensely growing. It has been proven by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that about 18 percent of American teens and children are obese (Roden.) First-Lady Michelle Obama put it into her own hands to try and turn this statistic around through her husband, President Obama, introducing the Hunger-Free Kids Act, which consisted of regulations concerning what food should be available for school meals (Jackson.) This meant regular fries being swapped out for baked sweet potato fries, whole milk being replaced with low-fat milk, and the proportion size of meals being made smaller. Because of the negative feedback towards the program, many schools were seriously tempted to opt out of the program. Though many would argue that the act is effective in making an impact on American students’ health, the effort and money put into the program…

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