The Humbug: A Short Story

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As Milo, Tock, and the Humbug continued on their journey, they stopped at a little box sitting on the side of the road. Half of the box was smooth, shiny, and painted a light pink, while the other half was chipped, decaying, and was a dull white. There was a small window in front, and connected to it by a string was a white sign with sloppily written words. “Well, this is... peculiar,” said Milo, getting out of the car and staring at the tiny box that was half his height. Tock got out next and began circling the box, carefully inspecting it. “Looks like some garbage to me,” the Humbug said, barely glancing at it from inside the car. “Cmon, let’s continue with our journey, I’m hungry. To adventure!” The Humbug shouted as he raised his cane in the air, a meal being his only priority right now. “SHH, I can hear something,” was Tock’s abrupt reply. “Is it food?” the Humbug asked. “There’s something inside,” Tock whispered to Milo, ignoring the Humbug’s outrageous comment. Slowly, Milo walked to the window and crouched down to get face-level with it. He squinted to try and see better, but it was pitch black inside the tiny box. He gave up with a sigh, and was lifting himself up when the …show more content…
This was a once prosperous and organized nation. It was built by three talented foreign brothers: Proculo, Cramor, and Stimulos. They created the name Procrasti-Nation on a whim, but still thought it was pretty cool so they stuck with it. It’s purpose was to fulfill their dreams of building the biggest and best resort and vacation area, one where people could leave all their troubles behind for a while and do less important stuff. The brothers would hold all of the important work that the visitors had with them, in a vault on their private island. The people would then pick up their important work, relieved of stress and with energy to work again. It was very structured and organized, just like the brothers wanted it to be. Any questions so

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