Essay about The Humans Of New York ( Hony )

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This self-branding obsession is further illustrated in the ‘Humans of New York (HONY)’ text. This book was likely important to the neoliberal individual as part of defining their version of good-taste and placing emphasis on their own cultural capital. Ideas that suggest the connection between capital and branding obsession become further apparent in this text. Sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu’s habitus framework becomes clear, the importance of the interactions between the individual (habitus), power relations (competition for forms of capital) and social structure (the field) (Stringfellow et al, 77). Part of enabling a positive version of this framework is to have ‘good taste’ an idea that is significantly related to cultural capital (Stringfellow et al, 80). Cultural capital as Bourdieu once suggested, is the form that is linked to prestigious cultural goods and connections to cultural institutions; this text links to both of these ideas (Peters et al, 8). The book serves as an indicator of this individual’s social location, place and role within this context, an individual that takes notice of portrait photography implying perhaps gallery attendance (Dunn, 37).

Not only does the book suggest the branding of the self in terms of the owner’s cultural capital, but each photographed individual within the book has branded themselves through fashion, captured by photographer. Imagery is a political process, in this world that encodes and reinforces dominant ideologies of…

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