The Human Trafficking Of Juveniles Essay example

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Research The human trafficking of juveniles is a nationwide issue and effects children of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Although the number of juveniles exploited for sex continues to rise in the United States, the research is fairly new, so there is a lack of evidence for interventions (Sapiro, 2016, p. 100). Gathering precise data is difficult for multiple reasons, but what is known about the thousands of youths that are trafficked each year in the Unites States is that the average age of a victim is fourteen years old (Boxill, 2007, p. 140). Human trafficking has a revenue that varies between fourteen to twenty billion dollars a year and many victims are hesitant to come forward and seek help because they believe their life will be threatened by their perpetrators and/or they will be viewed as criminals (“Human Trafficking”, n.d.). Human trafficking of juveniles can be found in every major city across the country, but the cities with the highest rates are New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Huston (“Top 3”, n.d.). Youth are seen as victims, not criminals, yet we currently use therapeutic detention centers to hold these victims in order to keep them safe and to attempt to stop their decision making capabilities (Sapiro, 2016, p. 108). Saprio (2016) conducted a qualitative research study with the intent of understanding the subjective perspective, experiences, beliefs of professionals that come into contact with human trafficking victims…

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