The Human Species Essay examples

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The story of the Human species is a bloody and deadly one. Our history is riddled with countless amounts of heinous conflicts between groups of humans, known as war. War has been constantly shaping the history of mankind since the dawn of the earliest forms of civilization. Often enough, war may be regarded as the story of our species, driving the world to constantly change and evolve. One noteworthy man, who has been regarded as one of the greatest significant politicians and war time leaders of all time, Winston Churchill, agreed with this position. In 1924, in a period between two of the most destructive armed conflicts the world has ever seen, Churchill stated that “the story of the human race is war”. Overall, this statement is reasonably easy to agree with when one considers the history of mankind, seeing how the notion of war has struck fear into powerful nations and their respective populations. Even when war is not the end result of a conflict or disagreement, it is the mere fear of what could happen that causes us to resort to diplomacy and other methods of peace keeping. While war is always lingering in the background as a possible outcome, it is considerably difficult to say, if war is an inherent part of human society. In contrast, it’s rather easy to find the behavior of aggression as the inherent part of human society. War is simply an end result of this human aggression, but does not make it an inherent part of society.
In agreement, to what Winston Churchill…

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