The Human Society Of The United States Essay

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As people age they experience physical, cognitive and socio emotional changes. The elder population tends to become less involved with the community; many isolate themselves and live in depression and loneliness for the rest of their days. About 40% of older adults from ages 65 and older have reported to feel lonely (Hawkly & Cacioppo 2010). On the other hand there are many recued animals in shelters waiting to be adopted by a loving person. Each year the human society of the United States provides care to more than 100,000 animals. These animals have suffered abused from their past owners and had a difficult life, not only suffering from physical abuse, but also from starvation. When this abused animals are put in the care of an elder, the animals will also receive unconditional love, and will have someone to take care of them properly. The program that I have designed aims to decrease feelings of worthlessness and loneliness in older people by providing them a rescued pet. The mission of my program is to provide companionship to the elder population but also helping rescued animals from shelters. Depression in elder population is a social problem because there are many elders who are abandoned by their family members and live without love. In another cases the elders live by themselves because their significant other passed away. There has been research of the benefits that pets bring to older adults; the findings of the researches are a decrease in feelings of depression…

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