The Human Side Of School Change : Reform, Resistance, And The Real Life Problems Of Innovation

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Critical Annotation:
Evans, R. (2001). The human side of school change: Reform, resistance, and the real-life problems of innovation. San Francisco, Jossey Bass.
Text Purpose:
This book is a study of school reform and the real-life challenges that face school systems across the United States. The first three chapters discuss and review the way individuals perceive change and how that perception forms the culture in schools. By examining the history of the school reform movement, the author provides insight into the mistakes organizations have made in attempting to improve school systems. The next five chapters discuss the dimensions of change within schools and a framework is introduced to accomplish change. The final chapters present a new model of leadership along with practical management strategies to support the structure and achievement of transformational change.
Author’s Background and Credentials:
Dr. Robert Evans earned his undergraduate degree from Princeton and his doctorate from Harvard. Evans’ professional experiences range from being a pre-school teacher, high school teacher, and child and family therapist. He has consulted with educational leaders throughout the US and internationally on change and resistance in schools and organizations. He has written several articles and three books.
Summary of Major Points:
This book opens with a comprehensive look at what school change is and the assumptions surrounding change that are prevalent within…

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