The Human Rights Of Children Essay

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A school that has a high percentage of low-income families and a large percentage of minorities will be used as the sampling base. Quota sampling is not indicated, for there is a lack of demographic data that is specific for school-age children from Louisiana who are overweight and obese (Kids Count Data Center, 2015; Polit & Beck, 2017).
To protect the human rights of children research participants, the study will adhere to the rules and regulations regarding research of children (Office for Human Research Protections [OHRP], 2016), and the ASP will only have minimal risk to children related to health promoting activities. The benefit of this health promoting intervention is greater than the minimal risk. These benefits include reduction in adiposity, reduction of risks associated with obesity, improved cardiovascular endurance, improved strength, and an increase in health knowledge regarding physical activity and nutrition. The risks associated with this health promoting intervention include those associated with physical exercise, such as cardiorespiratory events, dehydration, and muscle injury. By prompting water intake to prevent dehydration and ensuring low-risk, moderate physical activities, these risks are reduced. Not only will informed consent be obtained from the parents, wards, or legal guardians of the children, but also assent will be obtained from the children prior to the participation in the study. The names and identifying information of the research…

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