The Human Rights Of Burma Essay

1762 Words Nov 14th, 2015 null Page
The citizens of Burma are hurting and should have a chance to be heard. The Burmese people will continue to suffer if they are not heard for what they live with every day. In Burma, the military government violates human rights by compromising Burmese citizen’s health, aiding the drug addicts, and sexually abusing women. Most of the population is malnourished and dying of diseases that may not be deadly to Americans, but are to Burmese due to the lack of health care. No human should be denied the right to be healthy or have protection from the diseases in their country. There is an extreme amount of drug addicts with the government standing behind them making profits off of the drugs that are killing their citizens. This violates human rights because the government should be aware that their population is dying and help them either get treatment that may help with overcoming addiction or treatment for diseases that come with heavy drug usage. There are also many sexually abused, trafficked, and inhumanely treated women. This is a violation of women because the women do not have a choice. Burma should make laws about prostitution and give women other opportunities to make money besides being assaulted multiple times a day every day. This country is one of the worst human rights violators in the world and it still remains to be. Burma is an abomination of a home to the Burmese people and an atrocious violator of human rights. Keywords: Burma, human rights violations, health,…

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