The Human Resources Vs. The Real Estate Management Company Greenbriar, Inc.

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The Human Resources Approach in Modern Organization

There are many approaches to organizational communication that have been studied throughout history. While there has been something to learn from each new era of organizational structure, there is no perfect approach. In deciding which approach is most appropriate for a specific organization, one must look at the organizational goals and needs to decide. In Bowling Green, Ohio there are several real estate companies but one holds the highest standing: Greenbriar, Inc. When looking at the structure and goals of this company, it is easy to correlate this organization to the Human Resources Approach. The real estate management company Greenbriar, Inc. demonstrates many of the ideas and contributions the human resources approach has employed in modern times.
Human Resources Approach Looking back through the various approaches in organization communication, many have built off of the previous. During the human relations movement, an emphasis on social interaction was put on how organizations viewed workers. In this approach, it was concluded that workers that were given attention from management improved productivity. This discovery placed encouraged a new way of thinking, namely that workers have needs and feelings that must be addressed. The ideas and contributions of this movement led to the classification of the human resources approach. This approach explores many of the same ideas, yet adds an important element to the…

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