The Human Resources Management ( Hrm ) Department Essay

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1. Introduction
Planning is part of a process that aims to establish a path to be followed by employees during the execution of a project. Every organization needs a strategic model that drives the development and ensures the prosperity of the group in a sustainable and continuous way. It is the initial strategy of a company that will base and direct all planning processes. For the Human Resources Management (HRM) department, the greatest challenge is to know how to manage the people who carry out those plans, influencing and directing them to comply with the overall strategy of the organization, reflecting in the results and achieving maximum progress.
The HRM professional of today, particularly, must be able to fulfil the strategic plans of the organization, whilst complying with the labour laws in force, as well as being able to anticipate the changes imposed by the competitive market and respond efficiently. These actions, when responsibly applied, will consolidate HRM as a strategic department of the organization, not only an area concerned with administrative activities.
For that to become possible, HRM must know what the company wants to achieve, before deciding its own strategy and objectives, is essential to human resources professionals to have a good knowledge of the organization’s businesses and the segment in which it operates, being entirely aware and aligned with the organization’s strategy, also operating in conjunction with the other departments. This way,…

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