Essay about The Human Resources And Motivation Framework

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As millennials, the generation that has the tendency to become bored quickly, makes up a large part of our current and future workforce, our company would surely suffer a decline in productivity if we do not make changes to our Human Resources and Motivation framework (Carson, 2015). Millennials benefit from the myriad of technological advances that have been made during their time, but it has also caused them to become slack and less motivated to do hard work (Modo Labs Team, 2016; Hamill, 2016). This attitude will affect the working environment and other workers to also feel uninspired by their work. As a consequence, our efficiency and effectiveness will decrease, which will lead to less revenue and less profit for our company. Therefore, as the prominent organic supermarket chain company in the United States and also internationally, Whole Foods needs fresh and impactful adjustments to be able to keep its impressive image and status throughout the years (“Whole Foods Market”, n.d.).
Even though our current system has served us well, there are still some issues that we need to fix, such as the long wait line that customers have to suffer through during peak hours. This is a situation I myself have encountered a few times in the past. I had to wait 20 minutes in line before I could check out and pay at one of our branches. Although I believe our unique and efficient check-out line system could not be better, we could decrease wait times by cutting down the duration of…

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