Essay on The Human Resource Strategies At Sports Basement

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For instance when I worked at Sports Basement, I believe that the morale was high because of the human resource strategies. People were happy and productive because they felt safe, valued and had a sense of belonging or personal investment in the organization. When I worked for Massage Green Spa, the morale was always low because there was never any investment in the six human resource strategies. It was all about filling the gaps with whatever was available and just providing the bare minimum to make as much profit as they could. We often would joke that the Massage Green Spa was just operating in survival mode.
I feel like organizations that are more vertical or hierarchy focused is closely related to Douglas McGregor’s Theory X. The way most hierarchy is designed to control and ensure that each individual at every level is doing their job. They assume that if there is not control or micromanaging that individuals will become lazy, have zero ambition and be very resistant to change because it is no comfortable or easy. Also vertical organizations do not put any value on Maslow’s five human needs. In reality, when the pressure, restrictions and micromanaging were lifted in certain scenarios in the military, everyone still was capable of doing their job successfully and with pride. These negative bold assumptions should not be made unless an individual gives you a reason to think this way. I like to think that the majority of people have pride in their position because it…

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