The Human Resource Manager At Company Abc Essay

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Leadership Interview
This weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Brian Jones, the Human Resource Manager at company ABC, Brian has requested that the company name shall remain nameless. Before starting with the company over 20 years ago as a team leader for their auto parts department, Brian earned his Bachelors and Masters degree in business management from Michigan State University. Since, Brian has worked his way up the ladder through various management positions. In a short time period, I have witnessed Brian do wonderful things for his company in the recent years that are inspiring, his dedication and passion for his company and career made him the perfect candidate for this interview. Brian has been honored for three consecutive years as most valued employee for his diligence and contributions to his company by continuously innovating training opportunities, talent management and employee development. Mr. Jones has shown to be knowledgeable and resourceful within his field, being acknowledge company wide for your employee development tactics shows leadership skills. During this interview I am going to test Fiedler contingency model, this theory says that an “effective group depends on a proper match between a leader’s style of interacting with subordinates and the degree to which the situation gives control and influence the leader” (Robbins & Judge, 2015, p. 387).
Brittnay K.: How would you define effective leadership?…

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