The Human Resource Manager And Managing A Large Organization Essay

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GMFC-Smallsville, KY
Running and managing a sizeable organization can be a challenging task regardless of whether it is union or not. Organizations mostly want to remain union free, and for good reason. The cost of running an organization that is union based is estimated to be 25-30 percent more than a non-union run company, not including the higher salary that is typical with union employees (Adams, n.d.); that is a significant more cost to a company. Another disadvantage pointed out by Adams (n.d.), is the loss of being flexible to changes in industry; union contracts, such as work rules, can slow down the processes when an organization is trying to keep up with rapid changes in the market. There are clear advantages to keeping an organization union-free and GMFC aims to remain that way. The analysis will show how I, the human resource manager, would help keep GMFC union- free by discussing staffing guidelines, wage issues, communication policies, and dispute resolution policies.
A company this sizeable, 400 line employees, needs the proper amount of management to oversee the workforce. One of the most important tasks in structuring organizations is determining what the span of control of the managers/supervisors will be (Hattrup & Kleiner, 1993). Span of control, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM, 2013) is defined as the number of people who report to a manager. A smaller number of reports means a narrow span of control and a wide span…

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