Essay on The Human Resource Management Side Of Business Operation

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Background Jennifer Lau and Pierre LeBlanc are principal owners of a website called The purpose of was to “list a vast array of web-based, CD-ROM-based, or textbook-based continuing education-type business courses for working people who wanted to take a course from the comfort of their own homes” (Dessler, Chhinzer, & Cole, 2014, p. 23). The website started off as a final project for a class the two had back in university and has since grown to be a successful business. However, as their business grew, the items pertaining to human resources (HR) that of which included employee manuals, policies, and all HR related matters lagged behind (Dessler, Chhinzer, & Cole, 2014, p. 54). As Jennifer and Pierre were former business graduates, their experience and exposure to the human resource management side of business operation was very limited. Without adequate experience pertaining to HR management and its practices, running and managing becomes much more difficult.
One of the major issues that this business faced was that it had inadequate HR policies. The absence of proper HR guidelines has the potential to cause issues and misunderstanding in dealing with workplace education, training, human rights, discrimination, harassment, and even the enforcement of the policies. This could be seen when the pair began their screening and interview process for new openings. Both Jennifer and Pierre had confirmed that they…

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