Essay on The Human Resource Management Practices

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The purpose of this paper is to provide analysis of my experiences within the Human
Resource functions and to explain my role within those functions whether strategic and / or tactical. As indicated in the Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, there are eight different Human Resource Management practices that should be engaged to support an organization’s business strategy. Those areas are: Analysis and Design of Work, HR Planning,
Recruiting, Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Compensation, and Employee Relations.
In reflecting on my experiences thus far in human resources they may be categorized as tactical rather than strategic. Although my HR knowledge may be more tactical, the following examples will provide the reader with an understanding of my involvement in developing strategy through my work in supporting the senior leaders within my organization during our
Strategic Planning process and working with our Board of Directors on organizational goals.
In 2009, my work in Human Resources began as a reduction in force was underway. Our
Human Resources department was reduced to the Vice President of Human Resources and two of us who were new to HR to support the organization. The initial work was to learn HR from an administrative services and transactional level. This meant answering employee questions regarding benefits, conducting new hire orientation, learning the HRIS system and employment law, implementing the annual performance…

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