Essay on The Human Resource Management ( Hrm )

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I propose a strategic proposal that will use the human resource tools and bring them together to make a plan that will ensure this government business can continue to grow to reach its potential. Founded in 2016 this business has a human resource department that is transactional. This is a small size business that will be in the motor services sector of the business cycle that will use funding from tax revenues from the people it support. Being a non-profit public administration the organization will keep focus on long term growth using a government board style decision making that is made up of eight departments each is headed by a department director and their assistant. Human Resource Management (HRM) is a crucial aspect of an organization 's life, one that guides and appraises the performance of its employees and manages the work force in alignment with the corporate strategies. HRM polices create by this governing board will have a significant effects on the organizational performance, since it directly relates to the internal equity of the organization, which are its valued employees. The HRM will have to focus on a good Training & Development program will give the workforce better tools to help the business grow. That means training and development are guaranteed to be needed at some point of the strategic growth process. When setting the strategic goals on an individual and organizational level, it is important to ensure that the SMART guidelines are…

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