The Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Essays

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The human resource management (HRM) is a broad term used to describe a department that covers a large portion of a company. In this research paper, I will discuss the seven paths or the blueprint for human resources (HR) and review the different strategic plans that create each specific industry or company. According to Dias (2012) there are seven subdivisions of human resource management which are; staffing, development of policies, compensation & benefits department, retention, training & development, laws affecting employment, and worker protection. We will also review the different ways a strategic plan is develop to be specifically tailored to that company’s mission and values. According to Human Resource Counsel, there are four steps to the planning process which are; assessing HR current status, identify the HR needs for the future, assess the gap needs, and develop the strategies needed for the organizations. Staffing is the process from beginning to hired, this starts by advertising the position and ending with the moment the person is hired. There is articulate planning that goes into how many people are hired in each department, so the HRM develops a plan predicate how many people they should hire “based on revenue expectations.” (Dias, 2012) Recruiting people from job fairs, online sites, and networking can bring in a diverse group of people. The selective process, involves processing resumes selecting people to interview, interviewing , and then finally…

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