The Human Resource Management : Buffalo Wild Wings Essay

778 Words Jun 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Buffalo Wild Wings serves an interesting role in the restaurant industry, competing in the narrow niche of sports restaurants. This report will be examining their position in the economy, including a full analysis of their strengths and opportunities, as well as their weaknesses and threats they currently face in the market, known as a SWOT analysis. The ability to build an accurate picture of a company’s standing is an important part of business management. The key topics covered in this particular case are the human resource management (HRM) of Buffalo Wild Wings and the intense competition between the company and its competitor. The Buffalo Wild Wings is mostly recognized for its tagline, “wings, beers, and sports.” It is a place where customers can eat and drink while watching their favorite sports with friends and families. Buffalo Wild Wings does its jobs when it comes to providing the place for the sports spirit. However, is the strong image of sports beneficial for the restaurant? Is Buffalo Wild Wings currently in a good standing position or does the company needs a change? The SWOT analysis has been conducted to answer the questions. The SWOT analysis shows that Buffalo Wild Wings has threats, such as increased demand for minimum wages, and weaknesses, such as sports based image not viable during off-season (see appendix). These may be able counterbalanced by the company’s strength, such as steady increase of revenue, and opportunities, such as exploring the new…

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