Essay on The Human Resource Frame Centers On Organizations

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Bemis is full of long tenured employees and they attribute their success in the market due to the outstanding relationships with their workforce. The management at Bemis sees the relationship a key cornerstone in how they do business, the long-term commitments provides the manufacturing and sales base with a solid base that is reliable and knows how to get the job done. “The human resource frame centers on what organizations and people do to and for one another” (Bolman & Deal, 2013, p. 113). Bolman and Deal describe the Human Resource frame as a way to unfold and discover how the relationships influence the effectiveness of the organization (Bolman & Deal, 2013). The healthy relationship that appears to thrive today was not always the case; the union organization that developed in previous years was a result of a failure in the management team. Above all, the emphasis in previous years was on the monetary return of investment for each full time employee; as a result, the employees experienced treatment as units of production rather than people. The learning curve that the management team had to go through is nearly identical to the core of the human resource frame. For example, Bolman and Deal illustrate that “organizations exist to serve human needs rather than the converse” (Bolman & Deal, 2013, p. 117). This ideology is now a central part of their employee message of “we need our free time and employees matter” (Bemis, 2015); the management team has embraced this change.…

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