Essay about The Human Resource Department For A Small Community Hospital

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I am currently employed in the Human Resource department for a small community hospital in West Orlando. I have worked in healthcare for 30 years in various departments but I have found my passion in Human Resources for the past fifteen years. Soon after a merger with a large hospital system, I was informed that I would not be able to remain in my position without a college degree. I was given the choice to return to college or accept a demotion into another position within the hospital. That was the easiest decision I have ever made. I love my job and losing it was never going to be an option. So with four grown children and an empty nest, the time is right to obtain my college degree. For the past two years, I have devoted my spare time to my education and I intend to finish this class with my Associates Degree. After that, I plan to continue on this journey to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration to enable me to climb the professional ladder of success. Therefore, I will devote my time to improve my knowledge and skills, take advantage of when and where opportunities become available and surround myself with all the right people.
It 's worth dedicating as much time as possible to doing something you love to do. But according to Malcolm Gladwell 's 10,000-Hour Rule, it’s a lot of time to dedicate (Gladwell). Ten thousand hours is close to eternity. But then I reflected upon my own life and realized that I had achieved 10,000 hours over and over…

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