The Human Rehabilitation Service Profession Essay

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The human rehabilitation service profession works to aid individuals in setting and achieving their goals. The field has a spectrum of subfields that facilitate the client in fulfilling their needs across the lifespan. In the mental health profession, the most general practice is the bio-psych-social model used to understand the client, their surroundings and how they interact with one another. There are other traditional methods of practice that are evidence based that work within the relationship between the professional and client. Throughout the history of mental health, different approaches have developed. Initially, the treatments for those with mental illness were not humane and in many cases were not effective. In the 1970s, deinstitutionalization began, as people were released from psychiatry hospitals. In patients spending prolong periods of time institutionalized, they faced additional barriers. They developed disorders and inappropriate behaviors because they were not acclimated within society. They were no longer treated in isolation but were to be reintegrated within the community with appropriate treatment. This community based treatment helped form psychiatric rehabilitation. Psychiatric rehabilitation (PsychR) works to aid the individual in returning to their previous level of functioning. In some cases, due to the disability, it may not be possible to return to the initial level of function. However, recovery through rehabilitation can help the individual…

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