The Human Politics Of Independent Adjusting Essay

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The Human Politics of Independent Adjusting
Management principles are a necessary and effective tool for the successful operation of a company. This is especially true of companies with large human resources aspects that deal with large numbers employees. Understanding these principles is critical to ensuring that managers are effectively implementing them and rolling them out while obtaining the best output. Though increasing output through more efficient means is an admirable endeavor, it is important to ensure that a company takes care of its human capita as well.
The following analysis will provide an in-depth look at a unique insurance-based company operating in Canada and the United States. The information obtained for this discussion was obtained through an extensive interview with a participant who has spent 5 years working with the company in a number of different capacities. Speaking under anonymity, the interviewee was able to provide extensive information on the operations of the company. By providing a first-hand experience, the participant was able to shed light on many different theories as they are practiced in real-time.
Catastrophe Response Unit Adjusters (CRU) is an independent claims adjusting firm that provides a unique product for their clients. As their name suggests, the company provides claims adjusting services to insurance carriers in the event of a catastrophe such as a flood, hurricane, tornado or other…

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