The Human Of Stem Cells Essay

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The stem cells have the unique capacity to develop into any part of the body. They also serve as tissues for the internal repairs of the body and the organs of the body. As long as any species is alive the stem cells have the capacity to divide rapidly to repair the organs or to grow into any type of body parts in the body in any living organism. When the division of cells takes place they have the capacity to stay as stem cells or to become another form of cell type with specialized functions and attributes. The two basic characteristics of stem cells are that they renew themselves by cellular division, this is possible even if they remain dormant and inactive for prolonged periods of time and under clinical or experimental conditions they can be induced to grow into any organ tissue or part of the body as is the case in bone marrow and in the gut. In other important organs like the liver, pancreas or the heart they only divide under specific physiologic conditions of an individual.
The two types of cells that have been used so far in clinical research studied are the embryonic cells in the human body and in the non embryonic stem cells of adult animals and humans. These adult cells are also called somatic cells. While experimenting with human embryonic stem cells the in vitriol procedures for fertilization were used to experiment in the area of reproduction.
In the experiment of stem cell basics another innovation was made with non embryonic adult stem cells where the…

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