The Human Of Human Digestive System Essay

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The human digestive system is a very sensitive tract. With the immune system being found to develop severe illnesses, humans need to come up with a way that doesn’t harm the digestive system and helps empower the immune system (Haddad, Azar, Groom, and Biovin, 2005)(pp.513). This is why people are resorting to homeopathy because it is a safe form of medicine that heals the whole individual from the inside out (Lockie, 1989). According to Ody (2007), “instead of trying to obliterate symptoms when they become severe, we need to be sufficiently in tune with our bodies to recognize those symptoms as they develop and treat likely causes” (pp.7). But how does it work? Lockie (1989) states that remedies and symptoms share key features. For example, if someone was stung by a bee and another person had a sore throat, both of the people can use honey to cure their problems. The stinging feeling someone gets after being stung by a bee is like the feeling they get in the back of their throat when they have strep throat. The way it relates to the remedy is that bees sting, so in order to cure the sting, people have to use something made from bees to cure the pain (pp.3). Yes, natural remedies play a big part in the healing process, but it’s not just herbal remedies, it is food too. This essential medicine is something people consume everyday just to live a healthy life, which supports the immune system. The immune system is reactive to a wide variety of microorganisms (Haddad, Azar,…

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