The Human Of Human Body Essay example

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Over many years, scientists have achieved the understanding of the human body. For example, how each system of the human body works, but most importantly, how they fail to work has led to different disease processes and the possible treatments. Although genetic research began long ago, it was not until 1990, when the Human Genome Project was introduced and successfully completed in 2003 (National Human Genome Institute, 2014). This project allowed scientists to understand the “sequences that make up the human DNA” (Moss, 2014, p.155) and map out almost all the genes in the human genome, as well as acquiring an excess amount of information. As a result, gene therapy was introduced to prevent or decrease the effects of diseases by replacing the mutated gene with a healthy replica of the gene, taking out a mutated gene, or placing a new gene to help fight a disease (Genetics Home Reference, 2015). Though this process may sound simple, it is not. Like many medication and treatments, gene therapy has its complications and side effects. It may treat a disease, but can also expose the body to other illnesses. One of the most treated disorders done with gene therapy is X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency disease (X-SCID). While using this therapy as treatment, it has brought attention to nurses about the ethical prospect of it. Is this the best option for our pediatric patient and who gets to decide? Imagine your patient is male infant with X-SCID. This disease lacks both…

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