Metrics Personality Test

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The human metrics personality test was a fascinating test. I was very intrigue by many of the questions on the test. The test consist of questions that I had no idea of what to respond. My responses to most questions were uncertain. The test obviously asked those questions to see what one’s personality type may be. The test results states my personality type as Extravert, intuitive, feeling and judging (ENFJ). According to the personality test results, I am 19% Extravert, 9% Intuitive, 3% feeling and 22% judging. The scores state that I have a slight preference of extraversion over introversion. An extravert person is someone who is energetic, and passionate about life. I totally agree that I am an energetic and passionate person who cares …show more content…
It says, I have a slight preferences of feeling over thinking, and slight preferences of judging over perceiving. I agree with these personality traits. There are three reasons why I agree with this personality. First, I always try to see the big picture; I do not like making assumptions. There are times I will make decision base off how I feel. I may not spend a lot of energy thinking about situations that I have good feelings about. I believe that making every decisions base off feelings is not good, but you can have a good feel about certain things in the world.
On the other hand, people who have the ENFJ personality description are people who appreciative others. So my second reason I agree with this personality type is because I love building relationships with people. I am more concerned about other people’s needs more than my own needs. I will neglect my needs for the sake of others. I can testify to times where I would take The ENFJ descriptions type is an accurate assumption of who I
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The job description that suits ENFJs is Counseling, Psychology, social work, education, fashion merchandise, management, and politics. Counseling and education are jobs that I am considering to be a part of. The ENFJ jobs are a precise description of occupations I enjoy. The human metrics test is an accurate assumption of my personality type based off the question being asked.
Also the ENFJs communications style is being more specific and expressive. I am a visual aid person. I like to communicate using visual aids and breaking things down in details. I can grasp and understand things better when it is communicate in a visual aid platform. I learn quicker and easier As a result I agree with various points that are address in the communication description type.
Along with this personality is a unique learning style. ENFJs usually pick up information or material quickly. They also are good at learning expansive and complex materials. Although, this is my personality type, according to human metrics, I do not agree with the learning style. I am not a quick or fast learner. It takes time for me to learn complex and expansive materials. Depending on what the material consist of, it could take me days to understand

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