The Human Genome Project And The Human Genome Project

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The field of genetics is an interesting concept to comprehend because it beholds answers to why some people are born with genetic birth defects, such as: down syndrome, heart defects, neural tube defects and blood disorders (Miranda Hitti, 2006). Not only that, but it accounts for why millions of people die because of these defects and it is mainly due to the cause of having a genetic mix up (Miranda Hitti, 2006). This is where the human genome project comes to the rescue. The human genome project has a goal of achieving an "accurate sequence of the 3 billion DNA base pairs that make up the human genome and to find all of the estimated 20,000 to 25,000 human genes." (GHR, 2015). With this information, our medical technology can advance significantly …show more content…
It should not be a right that a person could progress with this idea because the lives of many rely on his hands. The human genome project in general should be made public, like what the National Human Genome Research Institute is trying to accomplish to prevent people and organizations such as the one in this situation from continuing.
However, this brings up the issue of who should be genetically tested and who will have entry to the subsequent data. Parents in presence of the birth of their newborn should be securely encouraged to have their child undergo genetic testing. The reason to this idea is that although both parents may appear healthy, babies should go through newborn screening because it is better to be safe than sorry when taking a glance at possible DNA errors. DNA errors arise from a common flaw from parent genes or a sudden fault that may have occurred in the replication of DNA when enduring the process of meiosis (Sarah Witherington, 2014). Either way, being able to predict these flaws can prevent death from over 30 genetic diseases that if not noticed early, will bring upon the inevitability of death. It isn 't just newborns who should undergo this genetic screening; everybody should go through this testing and this is
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For instance, you cannot have a pilot, that according to their genetic make-up has a potential heart disease. This is a very dangerous and risky because at any moment the pilot can have a stroke and put the lives of passengers in danger. Although, this can be considered profiling and unfair, it is better to decline employment rather than put the lives of others in danger. Not only that, but a company can use genetic make-up to better improve the economy of their business. When taking a look at billionaire companies, they always look for a strong hard team to lead them to profit. Individuals with genetic makeups that propose they are intelligent and an extrovert will more likely be hired because they are what the company is looking for. On the other hand, those who do not qualify because of their genetic make-up suffer the lost because in reality, businesses do not take a look at your genetic make-up just because it is unique, but because it presents them with the characteristics you behold. If you lack any company requirements it is truly the individuals lost because all companies look for is people who can generate them profit. If you get the job, the company can also use the genetic make-up to offer health promotions and to take care of you. If you are obese, companies can recommend gyms, diets and

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