The Human Development Program At Warner Pacific College Essay

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Throughout the human development program at Warner Pacific College I have learned an abundance of skills and knowledge educationally and about myself as well. All of the classes I’ve taken has been a foundation to help me advance in my career and views of the helping field. In the following paper is the questions in which most resonate with my views on human development and theories. Lastly, I have not firmly sided with only one theory and believe most theorist have useful theories that can incorporated together in different therapy techniques.
Your beliefs about human development. Which development theorists do you agree with?
Human development is a heavily researched theory, because it helps us to understand the process of learning and how life can affect our actions and behavior. Theorist have been studying human behavior for centuries, and have made great discoveries from their research. The theories of the foundation of human development I most agree with are the Biological, Psychodynamic, Behavioral and Cognitive theories. Each theory researched will help me to better understand the theorist beliefs and provide helpful information to use in my social services career choice.
My beliefs about human development is that there is usually a reason people behave the way they do, in addition, there is a chronological development that happens from the begging of life until death as Eric Erickson’s, Stages of Life theory on human develop explains. I agree with his views of what…

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