The Human Culture And How We Express Ourselves Through Literature, Art, Music, And Philosophy

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Humanities is the study of the human culture and how we express ourselves through literature, art, music, and philosophy. I believe the purpose of humanities is to express ourselves and put our mark on the world now and the world to come. Not through force, evil acts or war, but through words and art, to show the people of today and the future how and what we think and feel in a safe and often beautiful way. To explore new thoughts and ideas in a creative way.
It’s a way of escape from our scary and crazy world, into a place where there are heroes and villains, where good always triumphs over evil, where the nerdy girl gets the guy, where the impossible is possible. It’s a place where we can realize one person can make a difference to give us the strength to make a difference in the real world, where people get second chances, where color and art aren’t just decoration never to be looked at or thought of after put on a wall, but where we creatively think and find what it means to us.
It’s not just for the “talented and gifted” people of the world but a place where we can realize we all are special and have something to contribute. Where everyone is welcomed, it’s a place of freedom that no one can take away from us because it’s not a place or a person it is us.

Visual artists can contribute in lots of ways, one is something that has not always been around and has changed how we look on the past, documentary photography started in the late 19th century to document social…

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