The Human Contribution Of Global Warming Essay

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Global warming is a controversial issue that has often been argued about. It is something that affects every living things on earth. It is not something new, it is an issue that has been happening for a long time. Scientists have different argument about the issue on its cause, but they all seem to agree on its effects. It has a lot of impacts to argue about and it has a wide range of impacts. Some of the main impacts are covered throughout the paper. Humans way of life affect the cause of global warming hugely. It is damaging the living things on earth, including humans.

The human contribution of global warming is a part of the cause of the increase in temperature in a short span of time. Greenhouse warming is the gases that trap the heat in the atmosphere. One of the things that humans do and that affect the global climate change is the burning of fossil fuels. In the words of Parks, “During the industrial revolution, coal burning factories [...] contributed a significant amount of carbon dioxide to earth 's atmosphere” (42). All around the world as time goes on all one can see is buildings everywhere and less and less trees. Trees breathe in the carbon dioxide that 's in the air. But, there has been a decrease in the number of trees too. Parks points out that, “deforestation causes atmospheric carbon dioxide to build up rapidly” (49). Humans destroy trees and it affects them. It is not only the living source of humans, it helps in many other ways. Carbon is not the…

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