Jean Piaget's Stages Of Cognitive Development Essay

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Well friends I am here to give you a summary of everything that I have been studying in this class, so let as relax and enjoy a wonderful journey into the human brain and how we learn. The brain is an amassing organ that stores information. The brain is composed of the Cerebrum, Frontal Lobe, Parietal lobe, Occipital Lobe, cerebellum of with all are connected with neurons and glial. The Brain is built in such a way that it has to communicate with the other parts of the brain in order to properly function. So with the support of neurons and dendrites the brain is able to build highways of communication in order to receive information and send information.
Well we know that the brain is very important to be able to function adequately in
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He said that all species inherit two basic tendencies one organization and the second adaption. Organization is our tendency to organize our thinking into proper thoughts. Adaption is our tendency to adapt to our environment. Piaget when on to explain the four stages of cognitive development the first one is the Sensorimotor stage is called sensorimotor because the child uses all the senses to think if the child sees or hears he or she will try to grab the object for example if have a laser pointer and shine it the floor or wall if the child see it the child will try to grab the light. The Preoperational stage is the stage that in order for a child to do something it has to be connected to a physical activity for example if you show the picture of a runner to a child and ask the child what is the man or women in the picture doing the child will probably say standing still; however, if you show the child someone that is running the track the child will know the person is running. The Concert-Operational Stage in this stage the child is using his hands to think for example using clay to make something new and know that it changed because of the heat but the not lose any of the material it had before the only thing that happen was that it became stronger. Formal Operations this is the stage of problem solving like some of the word …show more content…
Scaffolding: are the tool’s the teachers’ incorporate to build up a student to become firm and stronger and independent in learning. Course of Development: Increases at younger ages and then gradually loses its audible quality to become the thoughts of the mind. Relationship to social speech: private speech develops out of social interactions with others. Relationship to Environmental Contexts: Increases with task improvement. Private speech serves as a helpful self-guide this means that if you hear a small voice inside your head you may not be going crazy only that your self-guide is directing you on what to do next. Cognitive development influenced by interaction and social environment. Nurture is important in the development of children. Students work better in groups to understand more of the subject beaning

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