Essay about The Huffington Post

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The Huffington Post


This paper discusses the growing success of The Huffington Post. The online publisher has become a prominent online news source over the years and this paper examines the success, while relating The Huffington Post’s strategy to common marketing analysis tools such as the Porter Five Force Analysis, as well as discussing four different revenue models for online publishers.

The Huffington Post In May 2005, the Huffington Post was founded by political activist Arianna Huffington, former AOL executive Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti. The site focuses on political
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As for the bargaining power of the customers and the bargaining power of suppliers, The Huffington Post holds the upper hand. The website content is free to users because the site’s revenue model is based on advertising. However, with the edition of the online magazine Huffington, additional revenue is brought in directly through the customer. In addition, because the site acts as an aggregator of content, the website is able to pick and choose its content suppliers. Additionally, many of the suppliers of original content are bloggers that chose to write for the site in order to garner more exposure. Therefore, The Huffington Post is able to pick and choose which content to accept from suppliers, rather than being forced to accept everything that is submitted to them. This allows the site to select content that the readers are looking for, which in turn boosts revenue and gives the news outlet more leverage against the competition. These two forces relate to the fifth competitive force, which is the intensity of competitive rivalry. Since the Huffington Post is able to be selective about what type of content it provides, in addition to its sharing partnerships with popular content sites, it is able to succeed in a relatively saturated online news market. The Huffington Post is one the leaders of online publishing. While the site utilizes advertising and subscription as revenue generators, other sites can use one of four or a

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