The Housing Project Of Clarendon Heights Essay

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In 1987, Jay MacLeod brought the housing project of Clarendon Heights to our attention with his initial publishing of Ain’t No Makin’ It. With the first edition, we meet two distinct groups of boys: the Hallway Hangers and the Brothers. Eight years after introducing us to these two distinct groups, Jay Macleod makes his way back to Clarendon Heights.With the coming of the second edition, we are updated on the lives of the Hallway Hangers and the Brothers. Fifteen years after MacLeod conducted his’ second round of interviews, he returns one last time to interview the boys at midlife.
Teenagers: Burnouts and Dreamers

Hallway Hangers. The “Hallway Hangers”, who we were first introduced to, consist mainly of eight white boys. The exceptions to this are Boo-Boo, who is black, and Chris, who is biracial. Other than Chris and Boo-Boo, the other boys are of Italian or Irish descent. Among the rest of the group, Frankie, Slick, Jinx, Steve, and Shorty come from Irish descent. Stoney is the only member of the group who comes from Italian descent.
Although the Hallway Hangers range in age from sixteen to nineteen, six ended up dropping out of high school (Stoney, Jinx, Steve, Shorty, Chris, and Boo-Boo.) Frankie, who is the only one to have graduated high school, made it through high school with the help of adjustment classes. Lastly, Slick eventually obtained his GED. With the exception of Steve, who obtained his Fireman’s Licence, none of the hallway hangers have gone on…

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