Essay about The Housing Act Of 1949

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The Housing Act of 1949 was implemented by Harry S. Truman to help clear the slums and provided more appropriate housing for low-income families. The act provided “1 billon dollars in loans to help cities acquire slums and blighted land for public or private redevelopment. It also allotted $100 million every year for five years for write down grants to cover two-thirds of the difference between the cost of slum land and its reuse value” (Hoffman, 2000). The act also provided federal grants and loans to build $810,000 new low-rent public housing units over a total of six years. It took twelve years longer than the projected time to build all of the housing.(Hoffman, 2000). The housing was typically built on the outskirts of cities, making the families that utilized them become secluded from the mainstream population. During the 1960s, “government officials tied to repair the public housing program by helping needy tenants and shifting to more manageable rents” (Hoffman, 2000). Today, the housing act still provides housing for low-income families but not many improvements have been made.
Nickcole was raised in the projects which is located in a very secluded area in the outskirts of Chicago. The seclusion cuts her off from the mainstream of people, restaurants, stores, environment and opportunity. The Collins family also was located in a very violent area as well. Through the Housing Act of 1949 Nickcole and her family had no choices on where they were assigned to live. They…

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