The House Street On Mango Street Essay

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The House Street on Mango Street displays Mexican style heritage and culture. This is a different culture that has similarities and differences between my culture, Indian culture, and the culture in the book. Family roles are something that is striking in both of these cultures. In the House on Mango Street, family roles are unchanged and are one of the more prominent parts of the culture that show up in the book. Indian culture is a culture that has stayed similar throughout the years, but in the present days’ western culture has influenced this culture and some of the ways of the culture have been changed, but the basic structure still stands today in more traditional Indian families. A similarity of both the is that both cultures partake in a patriarchal structure in their families. In both cultures the father is understood as a head person and is a role model for everyone. He is also perceived as someone with no weaknesses. We can tell that this the case in Esperanza’s family because in the chapter, Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark, she says, “I have never seen my Papa cry and don’t know what to do.” (Page 56). This quote shows that Esperanza has never seen that side of her papa, and now that she has she is confused. This can show that she perceives her father as a head figure and a role model. This displays the respect and the view of the father in a family. In Indian culture, the father or the oldest person in the family calls the shots and runs the family. They…

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