The House - Original Writing Essay

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Days earlier...

One. Two. Three.

I counted in my head, trying to block the sound of my arguing parents. They were talking about me. Again. Their voices echoed throughout the house, and no matter how hard I tried to ignore it, I could still make out the words.

My step father wanted me out of the house. And I knew that sooner or later I was going to get kicked out. It wasn 't my choice, but living on the street sounded better than living with parents that made me feel like I was nothing.

It has only been two years since my mother got remarried. She was struggling to pay the rent, even with my help. I had gotten a job at the library, and wanted to drop out of school to look for a better one. She couldn 't allow me to completely drop out of school. She, like all parents, wanted a better future for her child. Even if it meant marrying a wealthy man who was a complete asshole. After the wedding, something inside her changed. I knew she immediately regretted marrying the man, but at least we were having more than just stale saltine crackers for dinner. It 's been awhile since I have seen her smile. She let herself be used by her husband, just so he would stay, and so that she wouldn 't have to worry about how she was going to pay next months bills.

Maybe she did love him because she was turning into a mirror of him. She had to be on her husband 's side. She started taking his side so much that she probably starting to believe everything he said about me. Or maybe she was just…

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