The House On Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is the story of a young girl, who grows up in Mango Street. As a work of fiction, anything can happen. The author has no limitation. In his stories, his ideas are facts. Whether the author tackles real problems or just writes a fun story is his problem. However good fiction, for me, usually has a relatable character who faces problems we can all relate to. His problems are hard, but not impossible, to overcome. The story itself, has to be memorable. Its ending has to be interesting and fulfilling. Cisneros’s novel met most of my expectations. It’s told in a unique poem-like way, where the author shows no interest in following rules. Her story is told in a series of short chapters; with each chapter serving as its own story. All the chapters connect with each other, in a subtle way. Esperanza grows and matures in Mango Street. She begins out a young girl with no hope for the future. But she grows in a way that very few women in Mango Street do. That upward determination is what makes The House on Mango Street such an interesting and special book.
Sandra Cisneros wrote the book with her own style. She shows no interest in following the rules. She doesn’t set up any scene. She goes straight to the most interesting moment and starts there. I personally enjoy that. Every chapter can be seen as its own story. My only problem with her style is that her characters talk whenever they want to. In some sections it’s hard to tell who is…

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