The House Of Mirth: Chapter Analysis

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In The House of Mirth, Chapters 8-14, we get a glimpse of Gerty's perspective and it is seriously depressing. Lily uses Gerty to feel better about herself, when she gives money for Gerty's Girl's Club: "...she was often bored by the relation of her friend's philanthropic efforts..." (52), and "Lily parted from her with a sense of self-esteem which she naturally mistook for the fruits of altruism" (52). Lily is using Gerty to feel good about herself. Even if the result is a good thing, Lily is still using Gerty. This becomes worse when Gerty believes Lily is just being a good person: "She really can't bear to hurt people's feelings—it makes me so angry when I hear her called cold and conceited!". So Gerty takes the generosity of Lily and her

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