The House Of Blue Leaves Analysis

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The House of Blue Leaves was a comedy that was based off of some historical events. The production was definitely meant to entertain the audience. The viewers could look at the expressions of the characters faces and tell that the play was a comedy. The script could have been written in a different manner though. The script might have been written to get a political agenda across to the audience. In 1965, the Pope Paul VI did visit America and it was a very big ordeal for all of America. Even though the director wanted to get this specific point across, he still allowed the play to be a comedy. I believe that the audience did laugh a lot throughout the play. Also, multiple actors came across as witty, such as, Gillian and Vanessa. I really do feel that the intentions of the play were achieved. I personally though, did not feel that the …show more content…
The first most important theme of the play was fame. Andrew wanted to blow up the Pope, just so he could be in the spotlight for a short time. All Austin wants in the film is to become famous. I believe that Vanessa wanted Austin to become famous even more than he did. That is why Vanessa wanted the Pope to bless Austin’s music. That leads me into the second theme of the play, religion. As I said before, Vanessa wanted the Pope to bless Austin’s music so that he could someday become famous. Also, when Brit, Daisy, and Cass entered the play, they wanted to see the Pope more than anything. Whenever the Pope is around, the audience already assumes that religion is a theme of theme of the play. The third and final theme of the play was, the huge amount of family dysfunction. Austin wanted to put his wife, Gillian, in an insane asylum while he was having an affair with Vanessa. Gillian was insane though, so Austin did have a right to put her in an insane asylum. On top of that, Andrew wanted to blow up the Pope! I would say that the Shaughnessy family was very

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