The House Is The Perfect Location Right By The Lake Essay

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For years Lisa has been living in the same old house, and she hates it. She knows it 's a roof over her head, but she’s tired of fixing the leaky faucets, broken door knobs and squeaky floors. She thinks it 's annoying have to call the repair guy every time something goes wrong in

this house.This house has always looked dilapidated no matter how she tried. The house was the perfect location right by the lake. Growing up, Lisa would wake up early each morning to play by the lake just before heading out to school. It was a routine she enjoyed very much. She would then hear her mom yelling, “Child, you better get your butt back

in this house and eat your breakfast before it gets cold,” and Lisa 's only reply would always be,

“I 'm coming mother dearest. “Sitting around the table, Lisa would look side to side, glancing at

her only company, her mother and father, as she was an only child. Lisa can remember every

morning around the breakfast table. Her mother would always tell the same old story of how she

and her father began their love affair in this very house. But, with all the love between them it

still did not stop her mother from complaining about how rotten the house looked. Still, he

tried his best to fix what he could. Despite her memories, Lisa refused to continue living in the house and decided to buy a new one. Unfortunately, she had one problem, she had no idea what kind of house she wanted. “Do I want something big? Do I want…

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