The House Is One Of The Toughest Places Essay

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Waffle House is one of the toughest places to serve. Customer service is not an easy job, especially being a salesperson. We base our incomes on tips. Which means, you will not be guaranteed minimum wage pay. All tips are gave usually for hospitality and efficiency of the service received. Greeting is such a big deal in Waffle House. When anyone walks through front door, you must welcome him or her as if you would your home. Make certain, all of your customers are happy while performing many job duties is unlike any other multitasking I have known. There are methods I go by when serving a table of customers, which include introducing myself, taking the customer’s food and drink order, calling the food order out to the cook, fix the customer’s drinks, deliver hot food, clearing off the empty plates, refilling drinks, and continue making sure there experience went well. Along with those job duties there are even more as well as cashier, keeping restrooms clean, sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, and taking out trash. There are many end of shift duties, so the next shift is left well-organized. When you come in to work and serve customers, remembering to act as a team and pitching in when needed will keep everything runs smoothly. Making money will always depend on customers coming to eat. To guarantee each salesperson gets a rightful quantity of tables to make money. Sections are given depending on how many salespeople are working. Each section has cleaning tasks to…

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