The House Corporation Essay

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9. Occupancy. The chapter house shall be available for occupancy from the third Sunday before the beginning of the fall term to the end of final examinations of the spring term. Provided, however, that the house will be closed from the end of the final examinations of the fall term to the second Sunday before the beginning of the spring term and during spring vacation and other breaks of the University during which the Chapter or the House Corporation elect to close the chapter house.
10. Board. The Board shall be available from the first day of classes/Work Week through the last day of classes each term. The Board shall consist of ten meals per week, to be served on the days and at the times determined by the Chapter, subject to the approval of the House Corporation. No meals will be served on University holidays or during vacations. The Chapter shall not be responsible for meals not served for reasons beyond its control. IT IS EXPRESSLY UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED BY THE PARTIES HERETO THAT NO CREDIT WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MEALS NOT TAKEN AT THE CHAPTER HOUSE OR FOR TIME SPENT LIVING ELSEWHERE, SUBJECT ONLY TO THE PROVISIONS SET FORTH ABOVE RELATED TO STUDENT 'S PETITION. In addition, in the event of a default by the Student under this contract, the Chapter may at its option and in addition to and not in lieu of any other remedies which may be available, terminate the Student 's right to take meals at the chapter house and/or to suspend the Student 's right to take meals as long…

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