The Hot Work Video At Dupont Accident Essay

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The Hot Work video at DuPont provides a detailed description of what happens when change analysis is not implemented or considered by management. When this happens, the accident rate at any plant can occur. For example, at DuPont, because change analysis policy was not implemented, the contractors did not check a lock out valve on the tank before starting the hot work process which clearly exposes the plant’s safety weakness with regard to implementing change analysis consistent with the OSHA hazard identification regulations. However, this accident illustrates a lesson that can be learned, specifically as how it relates to failures in the hazard identification process.
I believe that the lesson learned from the DuPont accident shows that change analysis and hazard identification should be a fundamental part of health and safety decision making processes. Charles Reese recognizes this when he mentioned in his book Occupational Health and Safety Management that “The information obtained by the hazard identification process provides the foundation for making decisions upon which jobs should be altered in order for the worker to perform the work safety and expeditiously.” (Reese 90, 2015).This process should take into consideration OSHA policy and implementation of those policies consistent with environmental health and safety management. This accident has hopefully taught DuPont a lesson for management and policy makers to take into consideration consistent information…

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