The Hot Weather Of The Day Essay examples

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Scenario 1:

The hot weather of the day continues into the night. The sun has set and the stage is cloaked in darkness with the exception of a single burning candle and faint moonlight. Manus has just exited the dance and stands solemnly outside. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a watch. He lets out a faint sigh and, in search of Maire, he glances longingly across the field in front of him. Suddenly, he spots Maire and Yolland together in a loving embrace. He is noticeably upset and begins speaking in a fast and aggravated manner.

Manus How could she? Destroying our relationship for him? Participating in such actions with a foreigner? (He contorts his face in disgust.) More than a foreigner, an imperial servant! He 's here to destroy our language and culture. We should be forcing him off of our land, not accepting him. Manus bends down and picks up a large rock. He begins tossing it back and forth between his hands, contemplating what to do next.

(shouting across the field in the lovers’ direction) You’re a bastard Yolland! (now to himself) A dirty, abominable man. No, he is not a man, he is a coward!

Yolland Sorry-sorry? What-what is it you are saying?

Manus stands, fists clenched in rage and tightly gripping the stone. Suddenly, he whips the stone into the grassland and simultaneously lets out a grunt. Clearly exhausted by his rage, his shoulders slump and he walks off into the distance. The lights slowly fade to black.…

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