Essay on The Hospitality Industry : The Hotel Industry

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Hotel industry is one of the most important segment of the Hospitality industry. Working in hotels allows its employees to have fun, emerge in new cultures on a daily basis and most importantly be able to advance further in the hotel business. However, this industry can be one of the hardest ones to work in because of its long hours, lack of vacation time and its always occurring customer problems. In order to work in this complex environment almost everybody needs to have some level of hospitality and service spirit flowing in their blood because it is the only way to make the famous saying of Confucius true “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. “The lodging industry is a more than $155 billion industry that includes approximately 53,000 properties with almost 5,000,000 guestrooms” (Walker, 2015, 76). The hotel industry is continuously growing due to the trend of using management contracts and franchising since it allows hotel brands to expand rapidly without using their own financial resources (76). In this business it is crucial for employees to expand their personal versatility by being open to different cultures which has become very important due to the increasing diversity of guests. On top of that delivering the best service possible and over exceeding guest expectations should be top priority for every hospitality business because the increased influence of social media can help or hurt the business. Not just employees but…

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